i am falling love again

im in love with ciciero
i've read about this bag about couple month ago. moreover, this bag become a must have bag among FD member. but i was not interested at that time, dunno why. maybe because i think their collection doesn't suit to my personal style.
but last weekend, july 25, FD held a big gathering for the member. and ciciero opened a booth there. and i was trembling on one beautiful bag.
(but why i brought 2 bags when i came home? :p )

the first one is cassandra. i bought the ash gold limited edition, they only make 5 of it!
yesterday i brought this bag and it contained an hp netbook, an external harddisk, wallet, 1 book, make up case and my blackberry.
this one is cassandra in pink. isn't it beautiful?

and the other is mystique, but mine is in 'fanta' color. it is a limited edition also.
this one is mystique in yellow. it is so cute rite?
pic. courtesy of www.akusukatas.com

and today i ordered 4 ( yes, 4) bags. it is farah grey, cassandra black and brown, and asley red.
oh, they are all just gorgeous! really...
and the owner, dini, is a very beautiful yet stylish and very nice person!
so, what are u waiting for?

btw, i will post my own ciciero bags later :)

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  1. hooraaaay, mommy is back in blogging..!!!


  2. hihihi....akhirnya!! doakan supaya langgeng ini ngeblognya ya :)