latex legging

at first, i am quite confuse and think "what the hell"
or "where am i going to, wearing that stuff?"image from here

and then, i see a lot of people fashion blog and many of them wears latex legging
and unbelievably, they look amazing!images from here

then one day, a friend of mine offer me to buy this thing in a discount prices!
ergh...i think i should think about it a thousand time! but then, i found it! i can picture it in my mind, me wearing those legging with my oversized pink sweater and black booties *which i dont have it rite now :)*

voila! i wear latex legging today..
so many people look at me, but hey! what the hell..
some of my friends said that i look like a rock star! hahaha, i know, a vintage one like inka kristy or nicky astria maybe? hihihi..

Lita Iqtianti

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  1. looks good on you, but I don't think it'd look good on me... my legs are just too short!! hihhi

  2. kaki gw juga pendek, pir...tapi kan gw ga tau diri! makanya ga dipoto seluruh badan :p